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FeelFree Basic

Introducing the new FeelFree PFD!


When you're taking your sit-on-top kayak out for a paddle or having fun during any kind of watersport, always remember that safety comes first. FeelFree Basic  PFD combines the essentials of comfort and safety. Lightweight and cleverly designed shaped curve will give you a better fitting and storage. It features one waist webbing fastener for total safety, YKK zip, retro reflective tapes. Approved to the latest European standards for 50N buoyancy aids, PNE-EN ISO 12402-05:2007. It is available in 4 sizes, in blue, red, and green colour combinations.

YKK zip

Waist webbing fastener

Adjustable shoulders stripes

Adjustable belt

Reflective accents


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