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FeelFree Nomad

Most recognized single sit on top kayak by FeelFree, great for surfing the waves.


The Nomad is an all-round single person kayak ready to play in the surf, drift along slow moving streams and rivers or even for anchoring down in your favorite fishing spot while you cast a line. It combines a large ergonomic cockpit, comfort seating system and proven hull design to create an experience on the water that any paddler will enjoy.

LENGTH 2,7 m
WIDTH 75 cm
WEIGHT 19 kg
COLORS Blue Sky / Ice Cool / Melon / Desert Camo

Most versalite sit on top kayak from FeelFree Kayak range. Best feeling on tour but also lot of fun on the waves. A range of paddler weights and heights can use the FeelFree Nomad, so it really is suitable for the whole family. It's FeelFree's best kayak for surfing the waves.