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FeelFree Aventura 110


Rear Access Hatch
Sealed Rear Bulkhead
Drop Down Skeg
Drain plug
Grab Handles Front and Rear
Deck Bungee Front and Read
Full Sized Seat for all day comfort
Thigh Braces
Removable Skid Plate


Get ready for the touring kayak you have been waiting for. The Feelfree Aventura series brings all the latest features of touring kayaks to a user friendly sit inside kayak that is sure to captivate any paddler. The cockpit of the Aventura is nothing short of comfortable and versatile with its adjustable thigh braces, cozy seating, and adjustable high back rest. All three models have a drop down skeg and the ability to add a rudder. The sturdy rotomolded shell of the Aventura is made for rivers, lakes, and the ocean alike. Wether you are a beginner or a seasoned paddler you will find that the Aventura’s hull design is exactly what you are looking for when picking the right kayak for your next Adventure.


COLORS Yellow / Red / Blue / Lime / Orange
LENGTH 3,31 m
WIDTH 69 cm
WEIGHT 23.6 kg
CAPACITY 122.5 kg

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Highly recommended for:

  • beginners
  • touring
  • rentals
  • "summer house" paddlers