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New fishing kayak from FeelFree! Wahoo!

The time has come for us to present our new fishing kayak: Wahoo. 
Wahoo is a streamlined fishing kayak, packed with features that made our previous kayaks great, but offers even more!

Here's some of the features:

  • removable sonar pod (as seen before in Lure 13)
  • front dry storage compartment
  • unitrack rail system
  • two flush mount rod tubes
  • adjustable foot rest
  • new front and back holder design
  • front rod tip holders
  • new unitrack rail system behind the seat
  • upgraded sliding seat (possible to move back and forth)

Wahoo will be 14ft long and 28 inch wide. It will be lighter than Moken 14 (72lbs) and it is going to be the fastest fishing boat from FeelFree. Front hatch will also feature an integrated fish bag and you'll get two rod tip holders on the bow. Handles are made of hard alloy which is rust resistant. Front compartment is divided into two - one of them is removable.

Available soon!