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Introducing the new Lure 13,5!

It brings to the table all of the Lure series features plus more. You get a multi-use console with an insulated lid, which is perfect for storing bait, fish or keeping your drinks cool. Another new feature in Lure 13,5 is a pod, designed for fish finder or sonar, which gives you the edge in fishing, without compromising the structure of your kayak.

Of course we didn't forget about features, which made Lure series the best fishing kayaks you can get. There's our wide Patent Pending Gravity Seat. Wheel in the keel, which gives you ability to move your kayak without any hassle. Unique Uni-Track System, that has been specifically designed to make switching of your fishing accesories, as quick as possible.

Lure 13,5 is without a doubt our most comfortable kayak and with it's stable 36” hull, it's an ideal choice for paddling longer distances.


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