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One of the most unique features in Lure series fishing kayaks is our Patent Pending Gravity Seat.

It provides a great comfort due to it’s adjustable height and is also completely removable, so you can use it standalone, anywhere you want. You can adjust it’s height using a simple pull tab. It’s quick and works great when your aim is to change fishing spots a lot or just want to sit comfortable when fishing.


Welcome to the Feelfree Overdrive system – the modern evolution of pedal powered kayak propulsion technology.

Designed to be retro-fittable on the Feelfree Lure 11.5 and 13.5, the Overdrive is a one of kind system designed to offer effortless speed, ease of use and accessibility. The Overdrive is expected to available summer of 2017. Updates and other information will be posted here. Stay tuned, the modern evolution of pedal powered propulsion has just begun!


All of Feelfree kayaks are equipped with a wheel, which greatly improves mobility of the kayak.

It doesen’t matter if you need to carry it for just a couple of meters or a couple of hundreds. It’s a great feature which gives you the edge when you need to quickly transfer onland from point A to B. Don’t let obstacles stop you.


Directly behind the bow hatch, there is a multi-use console, which creates additional space.

You can use it anyway you want. As a container, or an inlaid cutting board – it’s a perfect place for prepping bait and cleaning your fish. In addition to all that, console’s lid is insulated so it can also keep your drinks, bait or fish cool. That is the perfect place for all your fishing needs.


Some people say that image doesen’t really matter when you’re on water, but we disagree.

Most kayaks are either in plain color or designed with a boring approach. We however paint our kayaks in a more unique way. How about our most popular Pink Camo? Or maybe playful Melon suits you better? Also check out our patriotic Regional model!


When you’re on a relaxing fishing trip, standard rubber hatch is fine.

However, sometimes things can get crazy faster than you think. When this happens, you may need quick hull access and our hinge hatch is exactly that. It features a lot of space, opens up in a flash and can store anything you want. It’s waterproof and additionaly sealed to keep your belonging dry.


You got tired of paddling at the middle of the lake and want to take a break?

Or maybe you found a “honey hole” and want to get your fishing started? With our Paddle Keeper System, you don’t have to worry about where to place your paddles, when taking a break or having fun fishing. Your paddles are securely stored, all the time.


If you want even more from your kayak, make sure you take full advantage of our Uni-Track system.

When combined with the Uni-Bar, it creates a perfect platform for all of your fishing needs. You can use it to mount a fish finder, a GoPro camera, place a cellphone holder or store your fishing rod in place. Whole platform moves using rails, so depending on your fishing position, you can bring it closer or away from yourself. If you want to fish like a pro, make sure you mount a full Uni-Track System. It will give you the edge you’re looking for. It’s also toolless, so just snap holders in place and go fish!


Our kayak side and front handles are molded into kayak itself, so we limited the use of bungee cords to minimum.

That solution gives you great comfort and it’s less liable to breaking. Handles are designed not to interfer with kayak’s shape, so you don’t have to worry about them when on your trip. That design is actually so good, that a lot of manufacturers are currently using it in their kayaks.


There’s just never enough place in your kayak now is it?

Storing your gear and personal items on a kayak can be troublesome. Well, not if you’re in the FeelFree fishing kayak. Lure series kayaks are featured with a big center console, which can be used for storing bait, fish, or even keeping your drinks cool. Lure 13.5 even has a removable pod so you can easily take it out of the kayak and use elsewhere.