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Kayak Move

A versatile single person kayak, the Feelfree Move is a great place to start your paddling adventures. Designed for paddling in lakes and rivers, it can be equipped with optional thigh straps and used to surf with style. In addition, the Move also provides space for rod holders so it can easily be transformed into a comfortable fishing kayak. Combine its lightweight hull and our popular Wheel in the Keel moving the Move becomes easy for any solo paddler.

LENGTH: 9′ (2.7 m)
WIDTH: 29.75″ (75.5 cm)
WEIGHT : 42 lbs (19 kg)
CAPACITY: 40-195lbs (20-88 kg)*

Deluxe seat
Quarter turn hatch
Drinking bottle holder
Wheel in the Keel
Molded in handles
Recessed fittings
Drain plug
Paddle Leash Drain Plugs Flush Rod Holder S
Thigh Straps