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The Seastream Backwater is kayak fishing at a new level, giving anglers the ability to get to waters that most kayaks can’t reach, with exceptional stealth and speed. It offers a range of angler-ready features, such as flush-mounted rod holders, an integrated tackle tray, and an open tankwell area for easy access to all the gear you need.

With a capacity of 226kg and the sit-inside design, in the Backwater you’ll be protected from the elements so you can enjoy year-round fishing. The oversized cockpit makes it easy to get in and out, and at only 27.2kgs it’s no bother to haul. Whether you’re exploring the farthest reaches of your local lakes and rivers, or just enjoying a relaxed trip out into nature, the affordably-priced Backwater is just what you need.

Product Details

32 kg
365 cm
70 cm
31 cm